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0001019FL56. Access Control, Logging and Errorhandlingpublic2021-02-24 11:032021-02-25 17:02
Ulrich Schwab 
Falk Reichbott 
0001019: Warning for soon to expire license is never shown to user
When a license expiration warning is configured in a license
a user visible output should be done if the date reaches the
warning window. The warning is set in FLMACS0.c but never
printed to stderr and a normal user never can see it.
change LIC0TEST.h with license manager to request an expiration
warning and set the expiration time to fall into the warning window.

copy the resulting LIC0TEST.so to FLMACS0.so

run a random flcl command with LOG(MSG(ALL))
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Falk Reichbott   
2021-02-25 17:02   
Add print of license ID also for info function, all other commands logging the license ID and the expiration warning is part of the license ID