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0000129FL5a. Buildpublic2013-08-07 07:492013-08-07 12:16
Falk Reichbott 
Ulrich Schwab 
0000129: Use always fixed size types in format strings
FLAM internally uses always fixed size types (f.e. I32) but the zLinux cross compilation results in a lot of warings for sizeof, errno and other values, because %d or %u in the format string does not fit with the size of these non FLAM values. In all these cases we must cast the values to I32 or U32 and use %ld or %lu so that our source is 32 and 64 bit as well as more platform independent.

The reason for all these warnings on zLinux is the missing m32 compiler option in the zLinux make file. To prepare 32 and 64 deployments of FL5 for all platforms this change would be usefull.
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