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0000342FL54. Element, Byte, Record or other APIpublic2014-02-23 21:052014-04-28 17:24
Falk Reichbott 
Falk Reichbott 
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0000342: Add record API for original data (FLCREC)
Based on the byte API we provide a record API (FLCOPN, FLCPUT/GET, FLCCLS) for original data streams. With this record API it will be possible to read or write files in sequential form with the PUT and GET functions normaly used for record IO on mainframes. With this interface You can for example read or write text to or from a GZIP file in records. Means if you write records to as text to a file which can be compressed with GZIP, BZIP2 or LZMA, encrypted with OpenPGP and encoded in Base64, each records will be append with an delimiter and converted to an deticated CCSID. Means you can use the normal PUT function for records on z/OS to produce for example a compressed GZIP file, which can be read on Windows. For this the open function looks like.

FLCOPN("write.text(file='test.txt.gz' method=WINDOWS CCSID='LATIN1' comp.gzip(level=best))")

On the same way you can read each kind of original data stream supported by FLAM5.

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