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0000521CLE/P2. CLPpublic2014-07-30 08:342014-07-30 10:13
Falk Reichbott 
Falk Reichbott 
0000521: Support object without parenthesis and overlays without dot
To simplefy the use of the CLP syntax with different shells it would be usefull to write objects and overlays without the paranthesis and dots.

Over the tables the type for a keyword is clearly defined as object, overlay or switch. If CLP only has a key word (normaly a switch) and the type is overlay or object, then the keyword must be interpreted as overly or object without the dot or paranthesis.
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Falk Reichbott   
2014-07-30 10:13   
The parenthesis for object and the dot for overlays are now optional, but a list of objects requires parenthesis to enclose the arguments. Only
for one object of a certain level you can omit the round brackets. If
you want define more then one object of a certain level you must use
parenthesis to separate the objects from each other.