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0000537CLE/P[All Projects] z. Otherpublic2014-08-11 12:502016-12-16 08:56
Tilo Eckert 
Falk Reichbott 
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0000537: Generate property files based on command templates
The user should be able to enter any flcl command string as a command template which is converted into a property file for later use. In the ideal case, the user then only needs to specify the input and output filenames for batch processing.

flcl --totemplate=filename.prop conv 'read.rec(recf=FB recl=80 suppad) write.text(suptws ccsid=UTF-8)'
flcl --usetemplate=filename.prop 'read.rec(name=infile.rec) write.text(name=outfile.txt)

Or even better:
flcl --totemplate=filename.prop conv 'read.rec(name=%% recf=FB recl=%% suppad) write.text(suptws ccsid=UTF-8 name=%%)'
flcl --usetemplate=filename.prop infile.rec 80 outfile.txt

There are multiple possible variations to implement this:
*Write the template using the normal property file mechanism for a specific owner. Then use the template via the --owner Flag suggested in 0000536.
*Generate the template independently of any owner into a standalone property file. The file must be explicitly passed to flcl to use it (see example above)
*When generating the template property file: Include any property that would be pulled from other property files (global, command specific) as if the command would be executed; when using it: only use the template property file, ignore other property files.
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