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0000614CLE/P2. CLPpublic2014-12-03 09:072014-12-03 10:04
Mykhailo Moldavskyy 
Falk Reichbott 
0000614: Wrong error position, if semantic error

flcl conv "read.text(file='../input/idat/UTSSFAIL.bin' ccsid=US-ASCII) write.text(file='./output/odat/UTSSDATA.bin' chr=idt CCSID=US-ASCII usrtab=../input/idat/UTSSTRNG.txt)"

Size of main object for 'flcl': 160812
16383 bytes of print buffer (16384) are in use after about string was built.
3612 bytes of print buffer (4096) are in use after version string was built.
Use existing configuration file (.flcl.config) in working directory
1 environment variable set
--| Parameter 'CONV.WRITE.TEXT.CHRMODE.idt' not valid
--|--| Cause: Row=1 Column=115 from command line
--|--| "read.text(file='../input/idat/UTSSFAIL.bin' ccsid=US-ASCII) write.text(file='./output/odat/UTSSDATA.bin' chr=idt CCSID=US-ASCII usrtab=../input/idat/UTSSTRNG.txt)"
--|--| ^^^^^
--| After successful parsing of arguments below:
--|--| CONV.READ.TEXT.FILE=d'../input/idat/UTSSFAIL.bin
--|--| CONV.WRITE.TEXT.FILE=d'./output/odat/UTSSDATA.bin
--| Please use one of the following parameters:
--|--| STOp (TYPE: KEYWORD) - Stop at the first non-convertible character
--|--| IGNore (TYPE: KEYWORD) - Ignore non-convertible characters
--|--| SUBstitute (TYPE: KEYWORD) - Substitute non-convertible characters
--|--| IDEnt (TYPE: KEYWORD) - Map throw non-convertible characters(supported only for single to single)
Command line parser for command 'CONV' failed!
Run debugfp_destroy
CSRC/MEMCHK.c:689:1: info: File stats: 2 fopen()s (0 failed), 0 freopen()s, 2 fclose()s, fopen-failedfopen-fclose=0, max open: 3
Run debug_destroy
CSRC/MEMCHK.c:105:1: info: Memory stats: 1 malloc()s, 10306 calloc()s, 0 realloc()s, 10307 free()s, (malloc+calloc)-free=0, max. allocated: 5810668 bytes
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Falk Reichbott   
2014-12-03 10:04   
In one case the scan for the next token was done in fornt of the find symbol function. Base don that the symbol was not found, but the scanner was allready on the next token. The order is now (CLP 1.1.42) correct and the error fixed.