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0000774FL51.2 FLCCpublic2016-01-04 09:442021-04-30 12:05
Falk Reichbott 
Ulrich Schwab 
0000774: Support of use cases as simplification of FLCC commander
For the main use cases a simplification to build CONV and XCNV commands would be useful. For example: Read a text file and make a PGP encryption

For this the platform must be choosed first to define some defaults.

Each use case is a simple window, where anything could be defined. At the end a butten for the certain command (CONV/XCNV or HASH/XCHK or INFO) can be pressed to generate the corressponding command for this use case.

This feature will support at minimum the use cases below:

* Correct a text file
* Encrypt a PGP file
* Decrypt a PGP file
* Compress a GZIP/BZIP2/XZ file
* Decompress a GZIP/BZIP2/XZ file
* Write a FLAMFILE
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