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0000785FL51.1 FLCLpublic2016-02-15 15:182016-02-18 08:29
Rolf-Dieter Euler 
Falk Reichbott 
0000785: Converting input file names to gzip-names on output
On z/OS a convertion of input filenames (z/OS like) to internal gzip names is required to support swift file names.

But this can be a feature for all our routines.

A rule a mapping is neceassary when mutliple input files are to be read.
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Falk Reichbott   
2016-02-18 08:29   
The components CNV.PGP and CNV.GZP supports now also the file name mapping for the member names in the GZIP or OpenPGP header like it is available for file aand member names in the FIO modules.

Additional the member name can now be defined in COMP.GZIP() and ENCR.PGP() objects to make the feature available for the CONV command.

See chapter File Name Mapping in the FLCLBOOK.