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0000791FL54. Element, Byte, Record or other APIpublic2016-02-29 13:302017-09-28 23:29
Falk Reichbott 
Ulrich Schwab 
0000791: Add support for FLUC record and subprogram interface for Microfocus EDZ
With 5.1.11 we add support for the FLAM4 record interface and now the Microfocus support will be extented for the FLUC record and subprogram interface including reading and writing of record based datasets using Microfocus I/O routines.

This feature can be used to write formats based on open standards (PGP, GZIP, ...) direct as standard conform (PGP or GZIP) file or with FIO.REC() host data sets over the Microfucus I/O as record oriented datasets with //'data.set.name' or with 'DD:ddname' under Windows or Linux if the Microfocus EDZ environment available.
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Falk Reichbott   
2017-09-28 23:29   
The FLUC record interface is now available, with the next revision we plan the support of the subprogram interface and the support of the EDZ record I/O.