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0000822FL51.1 FLCLpublic2016-08-31 09:352016-10-11 15:36
Falk Reichbott 
Falk Reichbott 
System zz/OSV2R20
0000822: Add support for system variables on z/OS
Currently FLCL handles with a lot of environments variables. Some of them are very important (LANG) and it would be helpful to support them also as system variables (JCL symbol) which can be defined in PARMLIB member IEASYM.

A system variable can be overruled by environment varibale, but if no environment variable is defined, then the corresponding system variable is used.
For the runtime environment the function __le_ceegtjs provides access to the JCL symbols.
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Falk Reichbott   
2016-08-31 09:49   
the __le_ceegtjs service requires AMODE64 and is available sinse v2r1 of z/OS. This means that we must use the SYMVAR macro assembler modules.
Falk Reichbott   
2016-09-29 13:52   
For simply definition of environment variable lang the 3 system variable can be used.

&FLANGCC - Country code (de)
&FLANGLC - Language code (DE)

The envar lang will be build by
Falk Reichbott   
2016-10-11 15:36   
Few of the environment variables can now (>5.1.13-15352) be predefined over system variables on z/OS. See install.txt for more information.