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0000946FL54. Element, Byte, Record or other APIpublic2018-09-19 08:342018-09-24 16:22
Falk Reichbott 
Falk Reichbott 
0000946: Don't load environment (SYSVAR, STDENV) in API functions
The FLAM atomic and open API functions load the environment (system variables and environment variables). This is totally wrong, because the application has no control about the used environment anymore. This nice support must be part of a own function (loadenv()) so that the application can manipulate the environment afterwards before the FLAM function is executed.



Has no effect, because the FLAM function load the system environment and if the LANG variable defined, the SETENV call of the application has no effect.

In future


To load the system environment must be a separate call, then the application can adjust the environment before then the FLAM function is called.

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Falk Reichbott   
2018-09-24 16:22   
The implicit load is now replaced by new set of functions (fcbenv/FCRENV/flucenv/FCUENV), where you can control if system, standard environment variables are loaded and you can provide an additional optional list of environment variables.