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  PView StatusIDTarget VersionCategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
1.1 FLCL
featureassigned (Falk Reichbott)2019-06-13Support 3072 bit RSA keys as ModLen in PGP
2.2 Subprogram FLUC (CONV)
featureassigned (Falk Reichbott)2019-06-13Support SAF request in SW implementations for key access and other resources
z. Other
minorresolved (Ulrich Schwab)2019-05-24FL4U: Printout of license id cannot be disabled with show=none and wrong old license is logged
2.2 Subprogram FLUC (CONV)
featureassigned (Falk Reichbott)2019-05-13Extend table support for IMS/DB2 unload formats (more than one table format per file)
1.2 FLCC
featureassigned (Falk Reichbott)2019-05-13Support tag value delimiter (TVD (required for SWIFT)) formats in table support
2.2 Subprogram FLUC (CONV)
featureassigned (Falk Reichbott)2019-05-13Add column encryption, tokenisation, anonymisation to table support
2.2 Subprogram FLUC (CONV)
featureassigned (Falk Reichbott)2019-05-13CSV-Format detection for Table-Support
2.2 Subprogram FLUC (CONV)
featureassigned (Falk Reichbott)2019-05-13Write of SMF records in SSH clients
featureresolved (Ulrich Schwab)2019-05-12Write data to more than one FLIES-Server for backup, Read data only from one server,
2.2 Subprogram FLUC (CONV)
featureresolved (Falk Reichbott)2019-05-12Support for own code pages
1.1 FLCL
featureresolved (Falk Reichbott)2019-05-12Export ICV percalc tables from open in own DLL
2.2 Subprogram FLUC (CONV)
featureresolved (Falk Reichbott)2019-05-12Add normalisation, subsets, canonical and compatibility mapping, localization and more transliteration tables to CNVCHR
2.2 Subprogram FLUC (CONV)
featureresolved (Falk Reichbott)2019-05-12Decomposing of normalized character data
1.1 FLCL
featureresolved (Falk Reichbott)2019-05-10Add possibility to overwrite all armor key value pairs
2.2 Subprogram FLUC (CONV)
featureassigned (Falk Reichbott)2019-05-08Support write of files as mail attachment over the SYSOUT(TCPCSMTP)
b. Packaging
featureresolved (Tilo Eckert)2019-04-25Add JNI for JavaByteInterface to z/OS package
1.1 FLCL
trivialresolved (Ulrich Schwab)2019-04-12Fix font in FLGT (GUI tool) editor and view
1.1 FLCL
featureassigned (Falk Reichbott)2019-04-09Support of VSAM-VRRDS
1.1 FLCL
featureassigned (Ulrich Schwab)2019-04-04More GUI tools (FLGT) for compression and encryption
4. Element, Byte, Record or other API
featureresolved (Falk Reichbott)2019-03-18Add function for base encoding to byte and record interfaces
1.1 FLCL
featureassigned (Falk Reichbott)2019-03-17Support write to memory till close of the file
1.1 FLCL
featureresolved (Falk Reichbott)2019-03-17New info function for system evaluation
1.1 FLCL
majorresolved (Falk Reichbott)2019-03-17Multiple reads of CONV command result in timeout issues, because file is moved after close
6. Access Control, Logging and Errorhandling
featureassigned (Tilo Eckert)2019-03-15Error trace lost information if table output needs the whole space
2.2 Subprogram FLUC (CONV)
featureassigned (Tilo Eckert)2019-03-15Add pre- and postprocessing script execution in SSH support
4. Element, Byte, Record or other API
featureresolved (Falk Reichbott)2019-03-15Support HMAC and HASH calculation on API level as memory to memory interface
1.2 FLCC
featureassigned (Ulrich Schwab)2019-03-15Support of use cases as simplification of FLCC commander
4. Element, Byte, Record or other API
featureresolved (Falk Reichbott)2019-03-15Control a maximum limit of written bytes to prevent to large files
4. Element, Byte, Record or other API
featureresolved (Falk Reichbott)2019-03-15Write of more then one member to a ZIP/FLAM archive with FLUC interface
2.1 Subprogram FLAM (COMP/DECO)
minorassigned (Falk Reichbott)2019-02-28Limit segment and header length to prevent deny of service through memory allocation
1.1 FLCL
majorassigned (Falk Reichbott)2019-02-28Limit the maximal internal block size to prevent memory exhausting through expansion at decompression
2.2 Subprogram FLUC (CONV)
featureassigned (Falk Reichbott)2019-02-28Add support for TAR archive
1.2 FLCC
featureresolved (Ulrich Schwab)2019-02-28Support string type file and parameter file management with FLCC commander
1.2 FLCC
featureassigned (Falk Reichbott)2019-02-28Support JSOn like XML in table support
2.2 Subprogram FLUC (CONV)
featureassigned (Falk Reichbott)2019-02-28Support hexvalues instead of code point list in user table for character conversion
2.2 Subprogram FLUC (CONV)
featureassigned (Falk Reichbott)2019-02-28Support LZIP format in CNV.LXZ() to use LZMA in ZIP archives
3. Subsystem, Driver, Plugin, SPI
featureassigned (Tilo Eckert)2019-02-28Support MetaDefender restful API over FAVE-SPI
2.2 Subprogram FLUC (CONV)
featureassigned (Tilo Eckert)2019-02-28Support of NFS like SSH
2.2 Subprogram FLUC (CONV)
featureassigned (Falk Reichbott)2019-02-28Support encryption and key management policies
2.2 Subprogram FLUC (CONV)
featureassigned (Lothar Völler)2019-02-18FLINFO/VIEW/VEDIT for members of ZIP-Archives in ISPF
2.2 Subprogram FLUC (CONV)
featureassigned (Falk Reichbott)2019-02-17Support compressed and or encrypted FLAM4FILE to save and verifiy hash values
2.2 Subprogram FLUC (CONV)
featureassigned (Falk Reichbott)2019-02-17Extent the hash calculation component to include length and attributes
2.2 Subprogram FLUC (CONV)
featureassigned (Falk Reichbott)2019-02-17Support of UNICODE standard transliteration table
2.2 Subprogram FLUC (CONV)
featureassigned (Falk Reichbott)2019-02-17Support for IBM1399 (16 bit EBCDIC codepages)
4. Element, Byte, Record or other API
featureassigned (Falk Reichbott)2019-02-17Add new format for info functions to provide the data in a kind of computer structure
2.1 Subprogram FLAM (COMP/DECO)
featureassigned (Falk Reichbott)2019-02-17Reencipherment without decompressing if compression mode still the same
2.2 Subprogram FLUC (CONV)
featureassigned (Falk Reichbott)2019-02-17Add SCSU, BOCU, ... (UNICODE-) compression support as original data conversion
2.1 Subprogram FLAM (COMP/DECO)
featureassigned (Falk Reichbott)2019-02-17Store of FLAM archives in a database
2.1 Subprogram FLAM (COMP/DECO)
featureassigned (Falk Reichbott)2019-02-17Support of FLAM5 clusters (one archive as 3 files) for faster direct access
2.1 Subprogram FLAM (COMP/DECO)
featureassigned (Falk Reichbott)2019-02-17FLAM5 kernel delivers 0 byte if a wrong key was given for this pot
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