We are connecting data worlds.

The global volume of data is doubling every year.  Due to cloud and mobile computing, the next IT revolution is already in full swing.  Still, encrypting large amounts of uncompressed data is tremendously costly in terms of time and money. But above all, Big Data also poses new challenges to IT security, particularly in highly sensitive industries. More than ever companies need a protecting wall for their critical data, one that will also protect them against exploding costs. A digital limit.

Since 1985, limes datentechnik gmbh has been an authority in the fields of cryptography and data compression – and the FLAM product family an internationally accepted standard for efficient, safe, and sustainable handling of data. For decades, end-to-end security has been our yardstick. That is why banks, stock exchanges, tax authorities, as well as industrial and telecommunications companies put their trust in us.

Our customers benefit in two ways: from a solid grown structure and openness at the same time. For FLAM can communicate with all open standards, mediates between different file formats, and features, of course, full network capability.. We are connecting data worlds.


limes®: efficiency at the limit of possibility.