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Article 5 TMG (German Telemedia Act):

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Louisenstraße 101
D-61348 Bad Homburg vor der Höhe



Dipl.-Ing. Falk Reichbott, General Manager

Frau Ute Wiebach, General Manager

Dipl.-Ing. Falk Reichbott, Chief Technical Officer




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Commercial register entry (since 1985):
Registry court: Amtsgericht Bad Homburg vor der Höhe 
Registry number: HRB 3288


VAT Identification Number:

VAT-Id. pursuant to Article 27a of German Value Added Tax Law:


Rights of those affected

By means of the given contact data for the data protection representative the following rights can be executed anytime:

  • information on your data stored by us and how it is processed,
  • correction of incorrect personal data,
  • deletion of your data stored by us,
  • restriction of data processing, in so far your data is not yet allowed to be deleted due to legal regulations,
  • revoke our processing of your data a
  • data transport confirmation, in so far you consented to the data processing or have made a contract with us.

If you gave us a consent, you can revoke it for the future at anytime.

You can complain anytime at the supervising institution responsible for you. The supervising institution responsible is determined by the federal state of your home location, your work location or the alleged violation. A list of (nonpublic) supervising institutions with contact information is availabe at:

Purpose of our and third party data processing

We process your personal data only on the purposes mentioned in this declaration. No data is disseminated/disclosed to third parties for other purposes than mentioned here. We give your personal data to third parties only, if:

  • you gave us an explicit consent in doing so,
  • the processing is required to fulfill an contract with you,
  • the processing is required to comply with legal regulations,

the processing is required to protect legitimate interests and no reason is assumed that you have a prevailing, worth to be protected, interest in the non-disclosement of your data.

Deletion/Blocking of data

We obey to the principles of data avoidance and data modesty. Your personal data is only stored as long as needed to accomplish the purposes mentioned here or as required by legal regulations. After the respective purpose is cancelled or the legal limits run out the respective data is routinely deleted or blocked, according to the legal rules.

General information gathering of website visitors

On access to our website a cooky is used to gather general information. This data (server logfiles) contain e.g. the web browser type, the operating system, the domain name of your internet provider and similar information. None of this information allows to infer to you personally.

This data is required technically, to deliver the requested website data to you. It is the result of the website access. It is used in particular for the following purposes:

  • to ensure an effortless connection establishment,
  • to ensure a frictionless use of our website,
  • to analyze the system security and stablility and
  • for further administrative purposes.

The processing of your personal data is based on our legimitate interest on the above mentioned purposes. We do not use your data to infere facts about you as a person. Receiver of this data are solely the relevant instance and, if necessary a processing agent.

Anonymized information of this kind might be statistically analyzed to optimize our website.


As many other websites, we do use cookies too. Cookies are small text files generated by a web server and stored on your computer. They can contain data like, for example your IP address, the web browser type, the operating system, the domain name of your internet provider.

Cookies can not be used to start programs or transfer a virus on your system. By using the information from cookies we can ease your site navigation experience and properly display our web pages to you.

The data is never given to third parties or connected to other personal data without your explicit consent.

It is of course possible to use our website without cookies. Internet browser are usually configured to accept cookies by default. This can be changed at any time in your browser configuration. Please consult the help function of your browser to find the place to change its configuration. Kepp in mind that some features of our website might be unusable when cookies are not accepted.

Registration on our website

With registration to use our personalised services a number of personal data like name, address, contact and communication data (phone number, email address) is gathered. With registration you can access content and services not available otherwise. The data given at registration can be changed or deleted any time after sign on. Of course, we give you information about any personal data we have about You at any time you want. We will gladly correct or delete your personal data on request, unless legal regulations require further storage. To get into contact in this context the address given at the end of this declaration should be used, please.

Charged services

To provide charged services we need to gather additional data like payment information to be able to execute your order. We store this data within our systems as long as required by the relevant legal regulations.


To secure your data on transport we use state of the art encryption methods, e.g. HTTPS, SSL.

Contact form

If you are contacting us by email or the contact form of our website, you agree to be contacted by us. A valid email address is needed for this. It is used to associate the request and send the response. Further data input is optional. The input you made is processed and stored as follow-up questions might arise. After your request is settled the gathered personal data is deleted automatically.

Use of Matomo

This website is using Matomo (formerly Piwik), an open source software to statistically analyse its use. Matomo is using cookies to allow to analyse your use of our website.

Information about your use of our website, by means of this cookies, is stored on a server in Germany.

After processing the IP address is anonymized before storage. You might deny to store cookies within your browser configuration. Kepp in mind that some features of our website might be unusable or unavailable if cookies are not allowed.

You can decide if your browser accepts unique analyse cookies, allowing a website provider to gather and analyse various statistical data about its use.

Use of scripting libraries (Google Webfonts)

To provide our content browser agnostic correct and visually appealing, we use script and font libraries as for example, Google webfonts ( Google webfonts are loaded to the browser cache to avoid repeated transfer. If the browser does not support Google webfonts or denies the access, a default font is used to display the content.

Use of script or font libraries automatically initiates a connection to the provider of the library. A provider can, in theory, use this to gather data. If this is the case and for which purpose we do not know.

The data privacy declaration of Google is here:


We integrate the maps of the service "OpenStreetMap" (, which are offered by the OpenStreetMap Foundation (OSMF) based on the Open Data Commons Open Database License (ODbL). Privacy Policy:

To the best of our knowledge, OpenStreetMap uses users' data solely for the purpose of displaying map features and caching the selected settings. This data may include, but is not limited to, users' IP addresses and location data, but they are not collected without their consent (usually as part of their mobile device settings).

The data can be processed in the USA.For more information, see the OpenStreetMap privacy policy:

Changing the data protection declaration

We reserve the right to modify this data protection declaration in order to keep it in line with effective legal regulations or to adjust it to changes of our services. For example if new services are offered. On revisit the new data protection declaration is in effect.

Questions to the data protection agent

If you have questions regarding data protection, please write an email or contact the person responsible for data protection within our organisation directly:

The data protection declaration was produced with the generator of data protection declarations from activeMind AG.


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