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Data Protection Policy

Section 1: General Information

1.1 General

(1) The term "personal data" means, with reference to the definition of Article 4 No. 1 of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (hereinafter referred to as: "General Data Protection Regulation" or "GDPR" for short), all data that can be related to you personally. This includes, for example, name, address, email addresses, user behavior. With regard to the other terms, in particular the terms "processing", "controller", "processor" and "consent", we refer to the legal data protection definitions of Art. 4 GDPR.

(2) As a matter of principle, we process personal data only to the extent necessary to provide a functional website and the content and services we offer. Personal data is regularly processed only if you have given us your consent within the meaning of Art. 6 (1) a) GDPR or if the processing is permitted by legal regulations, in particular by one of the legal bases mentioned in Art. 6 (1) b) to f) GDPR.

(3) Your personal data will be deleted or blocked as soon as the purpose of storage ceases to apply. Storage may also take place if this has been provided for by national or European regulations to which we are subject. In this case, the data will be blocked or deleted when the storage period prescribed by the respective regulations has expired. The latter does not apply if further storage of the data is necessary for the conclusion or fulfillment of a contract.

(4) Insofar as we make use of commissioned service providers for individual functions of our website or wish to use your data for advertising purposes, we will inform you in detail about the respective processes below.

1.2 Responsible body

The responsible party within the meaning of Art. 4 (7) GDPR, the other data protection laws applicable in the Member States of the European Union and other regulations with provisions of a data protection nature is:

    limes datentechnik gmbh
    legally represented by the managing directors Falk Reichbott and Ute Wiebach

    Louisenstrasse 101
    61348 Bad Homburg vor der Höhe
    Phone: +49 (0) 6172 / 5919-0
    Fax: +49 (0) 6172 / 5919-39
    Further details can be found in our imprint.

1.3 Data protection officer

To contact our data protection officer, please use the following contact information:

    Gero Wilke
    datalegis GmbH
    Bismarckallee 10
    79098 Freiburg
    Phone: +49 (0) 761 / 45892723

1.4 Your rights

You have the following rights with regard to the personal data concerning you:
    - the right to information (Art. 15 GDPR),
    - the right to rectification (Art. 16 GDPR),
    - the right to erasure ("right to be forgotten") (Art. 17 GDPR),
    - the right to restriction of processing (Art. 18 GDPR),
    - the right to object to processing (Art. 21 (1) GDPR),
    - the right to data portability (Art. 20 GDPR).

You also have the right to complain to a data protection supervisory authority about the processing of your personal data by us (Art. 77 GDPR).

Section 2: Processing of personal data on our website

In the following, we inform you about the collection and processing of personal data when using our website

2.1 Processing of personal data during informative use of our website

(1) If you access our website without registering or otherwise providing us with information ("informational use"), we only collect the personal data that your web browser transmits to our server. If you wish to view our website, we collect the following data, which is technically necessary for us to enable you to view our website and to ensure its stability and security:

    - IP address
    - Date and time of the request
    - URL of the page accessed
    - Access status/HTTP status code
    - Amount of data transferred in each case
    - Website from which the request came (referrer)
    - Browser, if applicable operating system, language and version of the browser software (user agent)

The aforementioned data is also stored in so-called log files on our servers. Not affected by this are your IP address or other data that allow the data to be assigned to you. A storage of these data together with other personal data of you does not take place.

(2) The collection and temporary storage of the IP address is necessary to enable the delivery of our website to your terminal device. For this purpose, your IP address must be stored for the duration of your visit to our website. The storage of the above data in log files serves to ensure the functionality and optimization of our website and to ensure the security of our information technology systems. An evaluation of this data for marketing purposes does not take place. Our legitimate interest in data processing lies in the aforementioned purposes. The legal basis for the collection and temporary storage of the aforementioned data and the log files is Art. 6 (1) f) GDPR.

(3) We process and/or store the data on servers of Hetzner Online GmbH, Industriestr. 25, 91710 Gunzenhausen, Germany, at the Schöneck and Falkenstein sites, both in Saxony, Germany, and thus in the European Union. We have concluded an data processing agreement with Hetzner Online GmbH in accordance with Art. 28 GDPR. This ensures that the standards and regulations of European data protection law are complied with.

(4) The above data for the provision of our website will be deleted when the respective session has ended. Deletion of the data in log files takes place after fourteen days at the latest. The collection of the above data for the provision of our website and the storage of this data in log files is mandatory for the operation of our website. There is no possibility to object.

2.2 Use of session cookies

(1) In addition to the above-mentioned data, when you use our website we use technical aids for certain functions, so-called cookies, which can be stored on your end device. Cookies are small text files that are stored on the storage medium of your end device, for example on a hard drive, and through which certain information flows to us as the body that sets the cookie. Cookies cannot execute programs or transmit viruses to your end device. This website only uses so-called transient cookies in the form of session cookies. These store a so-called session ID, by means of which various requests of your web browser can be assigned to the common session. This makes it possible to recognize your terminal device when you return to our website. Session cookies are automatically deleted as soon as you log out or close the web browser.

(2) The technical structure of our website requires us to use the aforementioned cookies. Without them, our website cannot be displayed or used completely and/or without errors. For example, some functions of our website require that your web browser can still be identified after a page change. We accomplish this through the so-called session cookies. You cannot deselect these cookies if you wish to use our website. In the above purposes also lies our legitimate interest in the data processing through these cookies. The legal basis in these cases is Art. 6 (1) f) GDPR.

(3) The above cookies are stored on your terminal device and transmitted from it to our server. You can therefore configure the processing of data and information by cookies yourself. You can make appropriate configurations in the settings of your web browser, through which you can, for example, reject third-party cookies or cookies altogether. In this context, we would like to point out that you may then not be able to use all functions of our website properly. Regardless of this, we recommend a regular manual deletion of cookies as well as your browser history.

2.3 Further functions and offers of our website

(1) In addition to the aforementioned informational use of our website, we offer various services that you can use if you are interested. This usually requires the provision of further personal data. We need this data to provide the respective service. The aforementioned data processing principles apply here.

(2) In some cases, we use external service providers who have been carefully selected and commissioned by us to process this data. These service providers are bound by our instructions and are regularly monitored by us.

2.4 Revocation of consent, objection to the processing of your data

(1) You may revoke any consent given to us to process your data at any time. The revocation affects the permissibility of the processing of your personal data after its pronouncement to us.  

(2) With regard to the processing of your personal data, you may object to the processing insofar as this processing is based on a consideration of interests. In this context, we ask you to explain the reasons arising from your particular situation why you object to the processing of your personal data by us. In the event that your objection is justified, we will examine the merits of the case. We will then either not further process your personal data, if necessary adjust the further data processing or provide compelling reasons worthy of protection why we continue to process your personal data.

(3) You may also object to the processing of your personal data for the purpose of advertising and data analysis at any time.

(4) Please address your revocation or objection to our contact details above.

2.5 Contacting

(1) If you contact us by email, the personal data you send us with your email will be stored. We also have a contact form on our website that you can use to contact us. The data you enter in the input mask is transmitted to us as an email and stored. Mandatory data such as first name, last name or email address are marked accordingly. Other information is voluntary. The data will only be used to answer your questions. The data will not be passed on to third parties.

(2) The processing of the aforementioned personal data is solely for the purpose of processing your inquiries. Insofar as you have given us your consent for this, the legal basis for the processing of this data is Art. 6 (1) a) GDPR. Otherwise, the legal basis for the processing of this data, in particular in the event that the data is transmitted to us by you by sending an email, is Art. 6 (1) f) GDPR. Insofar as you want to work towards the conclusion of a contract through your email, Art. 6 (1) b) GDPR represents an additional legal basis.

(3) The data will be deleted as soon as they are no longer required to achieve the purpose for which they were collected. This is the case when we have conclusively processed your requests.

(4) You can revoke the consent given to us to process your personal data at any time. When contacting us by email, you can object to the storage of your personal data at any time. We would like to point out that in this case your request cannot be processed further. You can declare the revocation or the objection by sending an email to our email address given in the imprint.

2.6 FLAM Issue Tracking System

(1) Entries in our FLAM Issue Tracking System can be read without the need to register.

(2) If you wish to actively participate in our FLAM Issue Tracking System, you must register by providing your email address, a password of your choice and your freely selectable user name. There is no obligation to use a clear name, a pseudonymous use is possible. The data is entered in an input mask and transmitted to us and stored. The mandatory information requested during registration is marked accordingly and must be provided in full. Otherwise we will reject the registration. For registration, we use the so-called "double-opt-in" procedure, i.e. you will receive an email in which you must confirm that you are the owner of the email address provided. The data you provide as well as the times of your registration will be stored by us.

(3) If you register via the login function, we will store all information you provide in our FLAM Issue Tracking System, i.e. in particular public contributions such as issues, notes, etc., until you log out, in addition to your login data, in order to operate our FLAM Issue Tracking System.

(4) The processing listed in paragraphs 2 and 3 serves the sole purpose of providing the functions of our FLAM Issue Tracking System that can be actively used as a registered user and the associated services. The legal basis for the processing of your data is Art. 6 (1) b) GDPR. Insofar as you have given us your consent for this, the legal basis for the processing of this data is Art. 6 (1) a) GDPR. Otherwise, the legal basis for the processing of this data, in particular in the event that the data is processed for the proper operation of our FLAM Issue Tracking System, is Art. 6 (1) f) GDPR.

(5) You may revoke any consent you have given at any time. The legality of the data processing already carried out remains unaffected by the revocation.

(6) The data will be deleted as soon as they are no longer required to achieve the purpose for which they were collected. This is the case when the registration is cancelled or modified. You can have the data stored about you changed at any time. Legal retention periods remain unaffected. If your registration is cancelled, your public posts will still be visible to all readers, but your account will no longer be accessible and public posts included in the FLAM Issue Tracking System will no longer be marked with your user name, but only with a pseudonym (e.g. "user 123"). All other data will be deleted. If you would like your public posts to be deleted as well, please contact us using the contact information provided above.

2.7 Note on our presence in social networks

(1) We have a presence on the social media platform Twitter.

(2) We use the technical platform and services of Twitter for these information services. We would like to point out that you use our presence on the social media platform and its functions on your own responsibility. This applies in particular to the use of interactive functions (e.g. commenting, sharing, rating). When you visit our presence, the provider of the social media platform may collect, among other things, your IP address and other information that is present on your terminal device in the form of cookies.

(3) The data collected about you in this context is processed by the provider's platform and may be transferred to countries outside the European Union, in particular the USA. According to its own information, the provider maintains an adequate level of data protection that corresponds to that of the former EU-US Privacy Shield and we have concluded the standard data protection clauses with the provider's companies as a precaution. We do not know in what way the social media platform uses the data from your visit to our account and interaction with our posts for its own purposes, how long this data is stored and whether data is passed on to third parties. Data processing may differ depending on whether you are registered and logged in to the social network or visit the site as a non-registered and/or non-logged-in user. When you access a post or the account, the IP address assigned to your terminal device is transmitted to the provider of the social media platform. If you are currently logged in as a user, a cookie on your end device can be used to track how you have moved around the network. Buttons embedded in websites enable the provider's platform to record your visits to these website pages and assign them to your respective profile. Based on this data, content or advertising can be offered tailored to you. If you wish to avoid this, you should log out or deactivate the "stay logged in" function, delete the cookies present on your device and restart your browser.

(4) We only process the data from your use of our service that you provide to us and that requires interaction. For example, if you ask a question that we can only answer by email, we will store your information in accordance with the general principles of our data processing, which we describe in this Privacy Policy. The legal basis for processing your data on the social media platform is then Art. 6 (1) f) GDPR. Insofar as you have given us consent for this, the legal basis for the processing of this data is Art. 6 (1) a) GDPR. Insofar as you want to work towards the conclusion of a contract through your question, Art. 6 (1) b) GDPR represents an additional legal basis.

(5) To exercise your data subject rights, you can contact both us or the provider of the social media platform. Insofar as one party is not responsible for responding or must receive the information from the other party, we or the provider will then forward your request to the respective partner. Please contact the provider and operator of the social media platform directly for questions about profiling, processing of your data when using the social media platform. For questions about the processing of your interaction with us on our site, write to the contact details provided by us above.

(6) What information the social media platform receives and how it is used is described by the provider of the social media platform in its privacy policy at There you will also find information on contact options as well as on the setting options for advertisements.

3. status and amendment of our data protection declaration

We always keep our data protection declaration up to date. This privacy policy has the following status: October 12, 2022.
If we further develop our website, services and our offers, it may be necessary to adapt and change our data protection declaration. The same applies if legal or regulatory requirements change.



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