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FL5 - 5.1.06 (Released 2015-06-22) View Issues ]

 * Add first version of ZIP archive support (info get.file list now ZIP file directory content)
 * Improve significant I/O performance (factor 2 EXCP, factor 3 CPU for all I/O modules)) on z/OS
 * Improve ABEND handling for I/O errors on z/OS (requires at minimum z/OS v1r13)
 * Use catalog search interface to determine used file size, block size (=CISIZE) for VSAM datasets and other attributes
 * Add zEDC-Support for GZIP-Files and GZIP compression suites (not yet for FLAM4FILEs (ADC))
 * Add definition of maximal condition code (MAXCC) for command execution over FLCL
 * FLVEDIT works now also for bigger files (don't define record length (32756) anymore)
 * Add FKMEFILE to libfkme (read key value from file, to prevent logging of passwords)
 * Improve performance at property file parsing (undefined properties are now line comments)
 * Fix error at DirWalk in error handling if DirFile failed with an error
 * Fix few little errors (wrong source string) in syntax error print out of CLEP
 * Change minimum architecture from 2064-100 (z900) to 2097-xxx (IBM System z10® EC)
 * Change optimized architecture from 2817/8-xxx (z196/z114)to 2827-xxx (IBM zEnterprise EC12)
 * Correct CPU and RUN time values in statistic output of FLUC
 * Correct error handling if I/O error occurred at read
 * Correct file name if path name allocation used for FLAMFILEs in FLUC (use SCV99(RETRIEVE))
 * Correct data type in FMTTXT from BIN to CHR if CHR detected and formatting method BIN is used
 * Add new switches to read.text() to enforce an error if binary or character data without delimiter detected
 * Change XML printouts of INFO function from value based list to an attribute based list
 * Correct printouts of info function for GZIP, BZIP and XZ files

- 0000692: [e. Configuration] Add MAXCC parameter to overrule condition codes of FLCL (Falk Reichbott) - resolved.

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