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FL5 - 5.1.07 (Released 2015-07-06) View Issues ]

 * Fix major error in PDS(E) directory resolution
 ** Sometimes not all members of a PO library were found
 ** In rare cases, reading of a directory is terminated too soon
 * Use catalog search interface for directory walk on ZOS
 ** Support wildcards at the beginning of the high level qualifier '**(IGGCSI00)'
 ** Distinguish between files in DASD (only included at default) or TAPE (only included if switch defined)
 ** Avoid opening of each file to figure out if it is a PDS
 ** Support of aliases to data sets like symbolic links on other platforms
 ** List all files from master, user and disk catalogs
 ** Give a warning for each file which is not usable
 * Write a given delimiter behind each record on record I/O
 * Add disk number to XML listing of INFO function for ZIP file members

- 0000703: [2.2 Subprogram FLUC (CONV)] Write delimiter after each record if defined (Falk Reichbott) - resolved.
- 0000700: [2.2 Subprogram FLUC (CONV)] Wild cards in PO data sets don't work correctly (Falk Reichbott) - resolved.

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