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FL5 - 5.1.03 (Released 2014-12-15) View Issues ]

 * Add checksum support to CONV and XCNV commands (GNU and BSD style)
   With the new component MD5, SHA1 and SHA256 hashes can be generated
   and verified using the FLUC command, APIs and subprograms.This can be
   used to check the binary integrity of files. Calculated checksums are
   compatible with UNIX utilities like "md5sum" and "sha1sum".
 * Support of "IDENTITY" error handling for single to single byte character conversion
 * Update UNICODE data to newest version (currently used for case mapping)
 * Fix wrong error position at semantic error of CLP (command line parser)
 * Add -s option to fliconv sample utility to skip incomplete character at end of file
 * Improve progress bar (maximum 72 characters) in fliconv sample utility
 * Add more error handling functions to FLUC iconv interface mainly for COBOL and PLI
 * Add COBOL sample (SOFLCICV) for using the FLUC iconv interface on mainframes
 * Fix error in vertical tab replacement if method original is used (now uses system delimiter for inserted line breaks)

- 0000607: [2.2 Subprogram FLUC (CONV)] Support of RPLHTB/VTB/CTR and SUPTWS also for METHOD=ORIGINAL at write.text() (Falk Reichbott) - resolved.
- 0000613: [4. Element, Byte, Record or other API] Add COBOL sample for FLCICV (fliconv) interface (Rolf-Dieter Euler) - resolved.
- 0000615: [2.2 Subprogram FLUC (CONV)] Add checksum generation and verification cabebilities for original files (Mykhailo Moldavskyy) - resolved.
- 0000616: [6. Access Control, Logging and Errorhandling] Function fliconv_geterrno usable in COBOL/Assembler/... desired (Falk Reichbott) - resolved.

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