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 * Fix charset issue when appending a new key to known_hosts on EBCDIC systems
 ** Key type was written in ASCII
 * Correct read of key entries in known host after damaged or unsupported entries
 * Reduce stack size for zEDC-Support from 128 to 64KiB on z/OS
 * Fix error at delete of PGP keys for PKCS#11 devices


 * Print SAF control information in system info (flcl info get.system)
 * Write records to stderr and stdout files in command processing if text
 ** Will also result in CRLF(0D0A) instead of LF(0A) as delimiter on Windows
 * Write of blocks grater then 256KiB per SSH
 ** No "remote channel is closed" error anymore in such case
 * Support complex PGP certificates at import
 ** Containing Notation Data, Embedded Signature and other non supported certificate content
 ** Use a blackbox to passthrough such content if a certificate store used
 * Support mapping of codepoints to nothing through user table (*0D=)
 * Add load module FCURSN to z/OS installation package
 * Fix wrong handling of DD and pathnames at write of simple files on z/OS
 * Add FLM4UP load module and FLM4UPLB DLL to z/OS package
 ** Remove wrong DLL FLAM4UP from load on z/OS
 * Add main HTML page for whole documentation on Unix an Windows
 * Correct and improve IO-ABEND handling on z/OS
 ** If VSAM record not found or EOF reached the VSAM I/O-ABEND is ignored also if fill bytes not 0x00
 * Use relative path for SAF check if absolute path not available


 * Improved performance in main code paths (FIO, CNV and FMT components) due to a reduced call stack
 * Byte interface function fcbnewmbr() is now avaible as method newMember() in Java Byte Interface
 * A new example in the Java byte interface JAR file demonstrates how to call FLCL from Java
 ** Includes an example for launching the native z/OS variant of FLCL using the TSO command on USS
 * Property files containing unknown property names are no longer rejected in FLM4UP/FLAM4 utility
 * CX8/VR8 encryption support in FIO.FL4 component
 * Default physical block size for non-blocked record formats is now the record length (block=record)
 * Improved record handling automatism for FLAMFILEs
 * Improved automatism in record handling if control character replacement is used
 ** Switch from binary to text processing
 ** Switch from FBA/M VBA/M to FB/VB record format
 ** Adjust all corresponding data attributes
 ** The correct padding character is used if the character set is known
 * If a record-oriented file with print control characters is written
   and a host record format without print control characters is defined (e.g. FB/VB)
   and the print control is retained then the ASA or MCC bit is activated (e.g. FBA/VBA)
   for the defined host record format
 * Added support for CHRMODE and SKIPEQUAL parameters in read.char/text/record/flam4/auto()
 ** SKIPEQUAL switch prevents UTF-8 to UTF-8 conversions (i.e. invalid characters are not detected)
 * SAF checking of URLs is done fully qualified

 * Bugfixes:
 ** Insert handling for EXK10 user exit in FL5 components fixed (FIO.REC())
 ** Fixed uninitialized function code in old FLAMUP for EXK/D10 user exits
 ** Fixed wrong behavior if GDG(+1) used to create a new generation (don't create PO anymore)
 *** Support for (+0) and (-0) as valid GDG (same as (0))
 *** PO-GDGs are only supported if organization PDS or LIB is set
 ** Fixed OUTPATH usage (correct concatenation of output path and filename)
 ** Allocation error fixed that was introduced in previous build (Support FIOURL SAF request also for all help files (reports, command outputs, ...))
 *** Help output data set names are allocated relative prefixed with an additional SYSUID


 * Improved local pre and post command execution
 ** Uses OS-specific implementations for improved performance and process control
 ** Execution time can be limited by setting a timeout (except for z/OS)
 *** On timeout, the process and its children are killed (except for z/OS and SSH)
 * Add FLM4UP documentation to z/OS package
 * Use 'type=memory(hiperspace)' for temporary file on z/OS by default
 * Support FIOURL SAF request also for all help files (reports, command outputs, ...)
 * Correct handling of remaining rest of output in command processing
 * Correct new line handling and support '\r' (old Mac) if command output written to log
 * Put connection in front of remote commands for SAF resource
 ** Gives control about local and remote commands
 ** and where the remote command can be executed
 * Support EBCDIC new line to line feed handling for internal string conversions
 * Support identity mapping as error handling at character conversion in each case
 * Add transliteration as error handling option (abbreviation for MODE=IGNORE SYSTAB=ICONV)
 * Add character conversion mode parameter to command pre- and post-processing (CHRMODE)
 ** Gives control about error handling for damaged or non convertible characters
 ** Ensures character conversion (character conversion if CCSID are equal)
 * Fix dynamic allocation if multiple member (a lot of files from USS) written to a less amount of PDS(E)'s (on ZOS)
 ** Correct handling of RENEW parameter in this case also (only delete the PO if it first time written)
 * Print member count of a PDS(E) in info list and correct file organization (library for PDSE instead of PDS)
 * Correct dump processing for memory and temporary files (add always a new line like it was done for streams)
 * Fix memory leak in FLAM4 component FLMFNUC if MODE=NDC was used
 * Support EXD10/K10/D20/K20 exists in FLAM command of FLCL
 * Add FL4.CONTROL switch for EXD10/K10/D20/K20 and USERIO to SAF support
 * Fix recovery loop if enclave token became invalid touring mass parallel zIIP SRB processing
 * Correct and review documentation (mainly for command processing)

ATTENTION: With version 5.1.21 list of files are supported as input. To
be backwards-compatible with FLAM4, these files can be comma-separated
from each other. This requires support for arrays after a simple assignment.
A bug was found, which allows the assignment of a keyword to a variable
with the same name (name=name). In this case the keyword name was
interpreted as string 'name'. However, name is a keyword for a undefined
variable in this case and a corresponding error is logged. To
prevent this error you must enclose the string in quotes (name='name').

Additionally, a separation of the begin of an explicit array definition
using '[' from an index used to reference a certain value from an array
was required. To provide an index in an expression, curly brackets '{}'
must now be used (newword=array[1] must be changed to newword=array{1}).
The index must be a number. Expressions are no longer supported.


 * Add support for pre- and post-processing of commands when reading read or writing files
 ** Can be used to prepare something in front of an read or write request
 ** Can also be used to cleanup or issue a receipt after successful write or read of files
 * Support SAF protection for feature codes, other resources and several policies (see install.txt for z/OS)
 ** To control parameter strings (CLEP)
 ** To secure PGP key management
 ** To secure SSH connections
 ** To secure pre- and post-processing commands
 ** To secure all service provider interfaces (FAVE, FCPE, FKME)
 ** Control access to PGP user and key IDs
 ** Control access to complete URLs containing connection, path, filename and member information
 * Add support for list of files at read (file='name.ext','dat*.txt' or file=>'DD:LIST')
 ** Support parameter files for simple arguments (keyword=>filename)
 ** Support arrays of simple values after assignment (keyword=hugo,berta detlef)
 ** Improve error handling of FLCL utility and FLUCUP
 *** In the case that the amount of failed operations is identical with the+
     amount of files processed the completion code is 8 and not 4 if more+
     then one file processed
 *** In simple words, if any file fails 8 will be returned
 *** If one file succeeded and one of the other fails 4 will be returned
 * Add zIIP support for MODE=ADC in FLAM4 components
 ** Only if zIIP not available zEDC-Support will be tried like in the past
 * New FLCLBOOK with reduces memory consumption and better usability as DOCZIP
 * Correct support for user header (comment) if CX7 used in FL5, FL4U and FL4W projects
 * Support compression limit in FIO.FL4() and write.flam() objects
 * Return an error if FKME or passphrase provided but the FLAMFILE is not encrypted
 * Print FKM5 error message in each case (was not printed if key was not found)
 * Support appending of FLAMFILEs on z/OS (OPENMODE=4, will fail in Windows an UNIX)
 * Improve error handling in FIO.FL4() if DMS error occurred
 * Add new ISPF lines command FLDEL to delete files
 * Support logging and tracing if remote (SSH) access to FLAMFILEs are used
 ** Missing entries for example (remove of FLAMFILE) are now visible
 * Reduce requirement to use && to escape mapping sequences for dia-critical characters
 * Don't print obsolete license information in FLAM4 for Windows anymore
 * Support writing to DUMMY for the output file in UTIL command
 * Add usage log status to system information (flcl info get.system)
 * Increase the size of internal error buffers and error trace by factor 2
 * To avoid ABENDs be default we change the logic for system variable &FLREUCEE
 ** To activate reusing the language environment the system variable must be defined &FLREUCEE=ON
 ** In all other cases the performance feature is disabled
 * Don't include files in directory walk on z/OS where the SVC27 (obtain) failed
 ** If the warning for such files needed then the flag OBTAIN in the DIR object must be defined
 ** If the VOLSER equals 'MIGRAT' or 'ARCIVE' and SVC27 failed then the file is marked as on tape
 * Support lower case (a-f) in hex strings for FLAM4 components on z/OS
 * Don't get and set file attributes for streams (reduce amount of warnings)

 * Bugfixes
 ** Some corrections of old FLAM4 components
 *** Correct error handling
 *** Prevent ABENDS in error situations
 *** Creation of RRDS and LDS VSAM datasets
 *** Fixed segmentation fault if FKMEFILE if comment used
 *** Correction for 0C4 in FLAM when started under ISPF
 *** Fixed memory error in VSAM-RRDS and RECSIZE=0
 ** Fixed wrong statistics in FLAM4 archives summary
 ** Fixed destruction of stack if records extended in length if key disposition new used
 ** Fixed use after free in close function of FIO.FL4() if directory walk used
 ** Fixed segmentation fault after switch of the command in FLCC (re-initialization issue)
 ** Fixed memory exhausting issue in character conversion module
 *** If the same conversion reused in directory walk for the next file, the maximal expansion was used 255
 *** Now a warning is written to the log (completion code 1) in this case and the case should not happen anymore
 ** Fixed mistake in usage log structure introduce with 5.1.20-23920
 *** Usage log was written, but processed amount of byte was written in the wrong place
 *** The result of this error was that the usage log records written are not processed for usage log summary
 ** Fixed wrong file attributes used in FLAMUP if system header not created on z/OS
 *** Could result in large file allocation or some other errors or wrong behavior

- 0000986: [1.2 FLCC] Add switch SKIPEQUAL to read text (Falk Reichbott) - resolved.
- 0000981: [1.1 FLCL] Migrated files result in warning and completion code 4 on z/OS (Falk Reichbott) - resolved.
- 0000958: [6. Access Control, Logging and Errorhandling] Error trace lost information if table output needs the whole space (Falk Reichbott) - resolved.
- 0000977: [f. Documentation] Add cover, main and over missing pages to FLCC Help (Ulrich Schwab) - resolved.
- 0000901: [2.2 Subprogram FLUC (CONV)] Add pre- and postprocessing script execution in SSH support (Tilo Eckert) - resolved.
- 0000976: [1.1 FLCL] Support 3072 bit RSA keys as ModLen in PGP (Falk Reichbott) - resolved.
- 0000879: [2.2 Subprogram FLUC (CONV)] Support SAF request in SW implementations for key access and other resources (Falk Reichbott) - resolved.
- 0000880: [2.2 Subprogram FLUC (CONV)] Support encryption and key management policies (Falk Reichbott) - resolved.
- 0000820: [z. Other] FL4U: Printout of license id cannot be disabled with show=none and wrong old license is logged (Ulrich Schwab) - resolved.

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