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 * Support OpenSSL-compatible encryption and decryption of data streams (openssl enc)
 * Support Zstandard (zstd) for stream compression and as compression format in ZIP archives
 * Support xz compression format in ZIP archives
 * SHA-3 hardware acceleration is now also supported on z/Linux (if available)
 * SSH connections on z/OS, USS and z/Linux use HW-acceleration by default (if available) for:
 ** Data encryption: AES (modes: CBC, CTR, GCM)
 ** HMAC: MD5, SHA-1, SHA-2
 ** On other platforms, HW-acceleration is implemented by OpenSSL (if available)
 * Add count and mask to log output for literal cache statistics
 * Add missing environment variables to system info
 * Correct help message for RECDELIM parameter of FLAM command
 * Improve MP4 detection and simplify and unify magic byte handling
 * Improve record handling concerning suppression of padding bytes
 ** Don't suppress padding in control characters if PRNCONTROL=RETAIN when reading
 ** Suppress padding before adding control character or key values for writing of records
 ** Don't suppress trailing whitespaces for text in record I/O (only suppress padding)
 * Write text records independent of the local character set (delimiter and keys)
 ** Support insert of key values (KEYDISP=NEW) in target character set
 * Don't use x'0D25' for EBCDIC on Windows as default delimiter anymore
 ** x'15' is now used to build the default text delimiter for writing of text records
 * Support suppression of control character in FIO.TXT()
 * Support replacement of backspace characters in FMT.TXT()
 * If RPLHTB/RPLTAB is defined without a value 8 is used by default
 * If RPLVTB is defined without a value 1 is used by default
 * If parameter RPLFFD (replace form feed) is defined without a value, the default is set to 60 lines
 * New version (250) of FL4SEPA which uses new bloom filter of FL5 project
 * Increase the default record count to ensure a minimal block size of 64KiB in FIO.REC/FL4()
 * FLCC:
 ** Improve parameter file handling:
 *** Use name of parameter file in open of object/overlay if it is set
 *** Show changes as such when object/overlay is opened
 *** Show error when specified parameter file cannot be used and provide file dialog to select an alternative
     If one is selected by the user, change the name of the parameter file for the object/overlay
 ** Simplify config management:
 *** all configurations are now accessible in one option dialog
 *** Add new option to use relative paths in command line
 *** when adding a variable to the flcl config file
     environment variables used in FLCL are presented as completion while typing the name.
 ** Extend help menu
 *** add 'use cases' dialog to select and load examples from FLCL manual
 *** add entry to get system information and allow copy to clipboard
 *** add entry to open flam issue page in web browser
 ** fixes:
 *** disable array element add function for inactive objects/overlays
 *** avoid crash on open of context menu when no current line is set
 *** avoid text cropping in tree view
 ** general:
 *** save 'expand all' option on exit and use it in parameter file windows as well
 *** overlays will now re-use already entered values where possible
 * Set default for heap segment management on z/OS to FREE
 ** Improve memory efficiency by releasing allocated storage segments where possible
 * Improve defaults if data format and data type is not provided in state string
 * Improve defaults for block size and record count in byte and record interface
 * Improve defaults for writing of FLAMFILEs if split of blocks in records is required
 * Add new switch PERFILE to FALLLOC object when writing to enforce close and open for each file in the directory walk
 * Improve description of writing several files in directory walk into a generation data group on z/OS
 ** infile='/path/to/*.txt' pattern='<SYSUID>.GDG(+[ind0])' outfile='USER.GDG(+n)'
    whereby n starts with 1 and is incremented for each file
 * Use FIX/MAXLEN as default for VAR format (to simplify conversion from FIX to VAR format)
 * Implement a cache for headers in table support to significantly improve performance on table changes
 * Add new SAF policies to control minimum length of PGP passphrases (PGP.PWD.LEN.ENC/DEC)
 * Check the first 2 bytes (PK) of a ZIP archive to show better error message if no directory trailer is found
    "no ZIP file or truncated ZIP file"
 * Improve message if member of archive was used but no archive was detected and the member access failed during decompression
 * Verify at formatting that no member access is pending when reading (indicates that an archive access was not successful)
 * Support error messages from PKCS11 devices and improve error handling of all crypto components
 * Increase the default maximal record count from 1024 to 16384 to ensure significant block size even for very small records
   to prevent empty blocks after decompression and wrong detection caused by missing data
 * Ensure secure erase of key values and passwords if not longer required in memory

 * Bugfixes
 ** Provide BZIP2 and XZ member lists in info command
 ** If the first file list did not have a match, remaining file specifications were ignored and a 'not found' error occurred
    now the error occurs only when no file specification has a match
 ** Properly close PKCS#11 implementations to prevent sporadic error 401 (CKR_CRYPTOKI_ALREADY_INITIALIZED)
 ** Define SAF error level as default to 8 to prevent errors of RACF definitions incomplete

- 0001024: [1.1 FLCL] If the first file list does not have an match the remaining file specifications are not used and a error (not found) occure (Falk Reichbott) - resolved.
- 0000774: [1.2 FLCC] Support of use cases as simplification of FLCC commander (Ulrich Schwab) - closed.

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