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* Add new parameter (EMPTY/EMPTYFILE) for empty file handling at write
** INFO - to write an informational to the log
** WARNING - to write a warning to the log (completion code 1)
** ERROR - Stop processing with an error (completion code 8)
** DELETE - Delete the empty file after processing
** This is implemented for flat files (BLK, REC, TXT) but not for archives (ZIP, FLAM, ...)
* FLCC fixes
** fix editing of overlay commands
** override keyboard search of CLP tree view avoid unexpected input focus change


* Fix endless loop in record interface if block orientation used (size(0)*count(reclen)=0)
* Support error trace for errors in stub routines of record interface
* Adjust internal state if SKIPEQUAL done in character conversion set the CCSID for the data
** Prevent wrong data handling if character conversion was skipped
* Use gmtime_r instead of localtime_r for dostime conversion in ZIP archives
** prevents different modification times in file header
* Use "wb" instead of "wbs+" for streamed ZIP formats in YIOOPN
** "wb+" is not supported by some SSH/SFTP server and not required for streamed ZIP files
** For such server the streamed format will now work
* Fix charcter conversion expansion handling in final run
** Prevent remaining rest error at expansion of conversion table from 64kib to 2MiB code points at UTF conversion
* fix incorrect processing of SSH stat() data that prevented directory deletes via SSH
* Make primary and secondary space for signature file definable over environment variables at FL4SEPA
** The migrate function deletes the signature file and allocate it with the used space but this can result in SB37 at a large append
** To allocate more the environment variables FL4SEPA_SIGFILE_PRIMARY_SPACE_TRK and FL4SEPA_SIGFILE_SECONDARY_SPACE_TRK can be used
* Correct condition to prevent migration of signature file if not required (same version) at FL4SEPA


* Fix 0C4 at directory walk with SSH
** The handle was invalid after sftp_closedir() even on error


* Support grouping at XML write in table support
** Currently, the exclamation mark and the pipe symbol are equally
   supported to define the target level in the path specifications
   (see Build 5.1.28-32984).
** With this build, the target level is only reverted to if there has
   been a group change, i.e. the elements do not belong to the same
** Multiple use of the exclamation mark or the PIPE symbol can be used
   to define groups in arrays.
** This build thus makes the behavioral change of build 5.1.28-32984
   if you only use the exclamation mark or the pipe symbol.
** If you do this alternately, you will have reproduced the behavior of
   build 51.28-32984.
** You can find more information on this in the documentation.


* Fix damaged ZIP files if ZEDC produce blocks smaller the 8
** Normal zlib don't result in this error
** only ZEDC with a small last block of compressed data
** Add several plausichecks and improve logging an error handling
* Fix several memory overlapping issues with memcpy
** ICV module if __tr instructions used on z/OS
** For length field handling in table support
** Masking processor in table support
** In CMPMOD module of FLAM4 record interface
** In strlcpy of CLEPUTL module of FLAMCELP
** Return data incomplete error if end of stream not achieved at final run at decompression
* Several small documentation corrections and improvements
** Standard ways to define environment variables on the different systems
** Sample to use FLUCSUB on z/OS with IEBGENER


* Fix remaining zACS issues
* Don't check license of FMTTAB if internally used
** Allow use of GREP command also for customer don't have the table support available
* Ensure set of PWD/KEY in directory walk and produce only a warning if a key is provided but the FLAMFILE is not encrypted in FIO.FL4()
** The old FLAM for Windows produce encrypted FLAMFILEs with wrong encryption mode (if HEADER=YES and CRYPTOMODE=FLAM)
** If directory walk used for FLAMFILE members the FLAMFILE is open by directory walk but no PWD/KEY was set
** The open handle are then used to read the FLAMFILE member but the key was missing


* Add new parameter HEADLN at read to table support
** Can be activated to read over an head line in CSV files
** Prevent the requirement to compare the column names to detectd a head line
* Add new parameter FLATTX at write of XML in table support
** Prevent fallback to root level for each transaction
** Can be used to produce flat XML lists
* Support GMOFFABS and LCOFFABS as key words in CLEP strings
** will be strings containing the difference to GMT in the form 'HH'
* Support GMOFFSET and LCOFFSET as key words in CLEP strings
** will be strings containing the difference to GMT in the form '+HH' or '-HH'
* Add plausibility check in FMT.TXT for CCSID used by regular expression
** The character set for the data must match the character set derived from the REGEXP-CCSID
* Enable format string of newMember() in Java byte interface to be null
** Increase significant performance if the same format used for each member


* Rework FLM4SEPA to prevent mismatch errors
** Add plausibility check if append used for archives
** Use correct identifier for member names at signature file generation
*** The first identifier was also used for the next members
*** Now the identifier of the current member name of the transaction file
    is used for the currents member header of the signature file
** The archive clusters are only open if records loaded
*** If no records provided to the append operation, then the FLAMFILEs are not touched
*** On initial load this can be enforced and will done for append by default
*** You can also enforce the open for append using the return code values as input
** Do implicit migrate of signature files to KSDS for update and delete
*** If file organization or record format mismatch
*** If version 23 used but still a PS allocated as signature file
    then the migration to a KSDS will now also be done
*** In previous version the an error occurred if file organization or
    record format does not match with the version

* Fix zACS findings for FLAMSTC
** Add eye catcher to XMR routines to prevent 0C4 for random input data
* Fix use after free if PC call failed in LE-less interface on z/OS (FLUCSUB)


* Add new appendix for FLKOMP and FLDECO utilities (version 1 of FLAM) to FLAM4 manual
* Add support for different kind of namespace handling at read of XML
* Add use of literal cache for XML tags to FMT.XML of XCNV at read

* Bugfixes
** Fix array and child handling issues in FLCC
*** use correct index to insert new element
*** avoid removing last remaining element
*** remove redundant checks
*** do not load manpage with click on add or remove column
*** never show childs of overlay when no child is selected
** Add again a missing free's for memory in remote (SSH based) directory walk
** Improve error handling in remote directory walk if stat() failed
** Fix missing member header after update in place in the first matrix


* Add support for exclamation mark in XML format of table support at write for all columns
** Enforce to write to a lower level if the path does not require this

* Bugfixes
** Add missing free for memory in remote (SSH based) directory walk
*** Could result in segmentation fault or memory allocation failed if a lot of files used
** Fix several issues in FLAM-VASAM using ADC
*** Fix 0C4 in FLMGKY for an empty FLAMFILE VSAM KSDS
**** Read over a matrix only if the matrix is not empty
*** Fix 1 byte shift after FLMGKY failed with invalid key
*** Correct statistics values in FLMCLS/FLU
** Correct error message from FKM5 in PGP component if signing key not found
** Fix wrong handling of system symbols and environment variables
*** With version 5.1.27 a central table for environment and system variables was introduced
*** The loop to run over this table was buggy at initial handling and for the system information
*** The default behavior for ENVID (key labels) was changed and wrong


ATTENTION: Users of the Java Byte Interface must also upgrade their Java library
after upgrading to this or a new version of FLAM. Failing to do so will render
your Java code inoperable. This is necessary due to the significant changes
to add 31 interoperability with MVS FLAM from 64 Bit Java. You do not need to
change your existing Java code. The new Java library can be downloaded here:

* Update of XML parser libexpat to 2.4.9 (fixes CVE-2022-40674)
* Add flat edit mode to Frankenstein Limes Control Center (FLCC)
** Simplifies handling of complex objects
** May be helpful for people with disabilities
* The 31 bit MVS version of FLAM can now be used from a 64 Bit Java VM on z/OS
** A new FLCBYTJ3 JNI DLL was added to support this which is automatically loaded
   by the NativeLibraryLoader class if the JVM was configured correctly.
** See JZOSFCBI.jcl in JOBLIB how to use it
** A mandatory update for the Java Byte Interface JAR file is available as separate download
* Add new SAF policies to control authentication mechanism for SSH connections and use of custom config file
** SSH.AUTH.PUBLICKEY.ALLOWED - SSH authentication with public keys (READ)
** SSH.AUTH.GSSAPI.ALLOWED - interactive SSH authentication (UPDATE)
** SSH.AUTH.PASSWORD.ALLOWED - SSH authentication with password (UPDATE)
** SSH.AUTH.HOSTBASED.ALLOWED - only host based SSH authentication (CONTRL)
** SSH.AUTH.NONE.ALLOWED - none SSH authentication (ALTER)
** SSH.AUTH.UNDEFINED.ALLOWED - undefined SSH authentication (ALTER)
** SSH.CUSTOM.CONFIG.FILE.ALLOWED - A custom configuration file is not allowed (CONTRL)
* Make reuse of a SSH connection dependent of the PCAP file name
** Use different SSH connections if PCAP enabled or not
* FLGREP has been corrected so that it now displays the search results
  even if there were errors in one or more files.
* Adjust documentation of supported formats and algorithms

* Bugfixes
** Add missing free for memory if hash check file used at write

- 0001028: [4. Element, Byte, Record or other API] Support 64->31 bit interoperability for 64 bit java application using 31 bit FLAM MVS byte interface (Falk Reichbott) - resolved.

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