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0000445FL52.2 Subprogram FLUC (CONV)public2014-05-18 11:342014-05-20 18:40
ReporterFalk Reichbott 
Assigned ToFalk Reichbott 
PlatformSystem zOSz/OSOS VersionV1R13
Product Version5.0 
Target Version5.1Fixed in Version5.0 
Summary0000445: Add subsystem support to read.record() for transparent record IO over different subsystems
DescriptionTo read records it would be useful to define a subsystem. Es special to define the FLAM-Subsystem. In this case it would be possible to read normal and FLAMFILEs in a transparent way.

To support this the name of the subsystem (string with 8 character) and the parameter arry list (up to 254 string with maximum of 67 characters) must be defineable.

SUBSYS(name='FLAM' parm['paramter1=value','paramter2=value'])

The SUBSYS specification must be available for read and write record oriented files.
Additional Information''Subsystem name request specification - Key = 005F

DALSSNM specifies a subsystem name. You must specify the name of the subsystem that is to process the request for allocation unless you want the request processed by the default subsystem.

    When you code DALSSNM to request a subsystem other than the default subsystem, # must be one, LEN specifies the length of the subsystem name (maximum of four) and PARM contains the subsystem name (one to four characters).

    The first character of the subsystem name must be either alphabetic or national and the remaining characters must be either alphameric or national. See z/OS MVS JCL Reference for a list of the alphameric and national character sets.
    When you code DALSSNM to request the default subsystem, # must be zero; LEN and PARM are not be specified.

DALSSNM is mutually exclusive with the SYSOUT (DALSYSOU), SYSOUT program name (DALSPGNM) and SYSOUT form number (DALSFMNO) keys.

Your installation's system programming staff can identify the subsystems at your installation that support DALSSNM requests.

Example 1:: To request subsystem SUB1, code

005F 0001 0004 E2 E4 C2 F1

Example 2:: To request the default subsystem, code

005F 0000 - -

''Subsystem parameter specification - Key = 0060

DALSSPRM specifies parameters that will be processed by a subsystem. When coding DALSSPRM, you must also specify the subsystem name (DALSSNM) key. DALSSPRM is mutually exclusive with the SYSOUT (DALSYSOU), SYSOUT program name (DALSPGNM), and SYSOUT form number (DALSFMNO) keys.

When you code this key, # contains the number of parameters to be passed to the subsystem (maximum of 254), LEN specifies the length of the immediately-following parameter (value range from 0 to 67), and PARM contains the parameter to be passed to the subsystem. When you code a LEN value of 0, do not code a PARM value.

Example: To specify two parameters, PARM1 and PARAMETER2,: code

0060 0002 0005 D7 C1 D9 D4 F1 000A D7 C1 D9 C1 D4 C5 E3 C5 D9 F2

For additional information about subsystem data sets and subsystem parameters, refer to the documentation for the particular subsystem.
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Falk Reichbott (administrator)
2014-05-20 18:40

The file allocation can now be done including subsystems. To use the FLAM subsystem works, but the DCB parameter for a file are gone. This can not be solved based on the subsystem architecture of z/OS.

A better solution to read transparent FLAMFILEs and normal data sets must be found. But the subsystem support will be available from now.

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