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0000811FL54. Element, Byte, Record or other APIpublic2016-06-01 13:592016-10-10 08:29
ReporterFalk Reichbott 
Assigned ToRolf-Dieter Euler 
PlatformSystem zOSz/OSOS VersionV2R20
Product Version5.1.11 
Target Version5.1.14Fixed in Version5.1.13 
Summary0000811: Support of SMF record type 89 for FLAM components
DescriptionCustomer using our APIs can not determine the CPU usage and other performance messurments of our components. To solve this, we plan to support SMF logging in each FLAM component. This will allow to measure compression, encryption, character conversion, encoding, formatting and I/O efforts per implementation (GZIP, BZIP2, XZ, PGP, XML, TXT, FLAM4, BLOCK-IO, Record-IO, ...).
Additional Informationsee http://publibfp.dhe.ibm.com/epubs/pdf/iea2g2c1.pdf [^]

Chapter 12. IFAUSAGE — Collecting Usage Data
Any product or application can measure usage. If you are a software vendor or
application owner, use the information in this topic to enable your software
product to measure its usage, perhaps to participate in measured usage pricing.
The measurement function collects data using SMF record types 30 and 89. SMF
record type 30 (Version 5 only) contains usage data for the product's address space.
System-wide usage data for each product is recorded on SMF record type 89. The
control and writing of these records is the same as for any SMF record type.
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related to 0000095closedUlrich Schwab Support of SMF logging in z/OS 

-  Notes
Falk Reichbott (administrator)
2016-06-09 10:36

Implemented for all FL5 components with CPU time and processed bytes
Falk Reichbott (administrator)
2016-07-26 15:23
edited on: 2016-08-10 09:48

APF authorisation required (current solution with IFAUSAGE are not possible)

Falk Reichbott (administrator)
2016-07-26 15:24
edited on: 2016-08-10 09:51

CPU usage (including SRB times) will be determined with TIMEUSED makro and written to the normal log. A SMF logging can later be activated if a record type given. The issue is moved to revision 14 to re-implement all these stuff.

Falk Reichbott (administrator)
2016-10-10 08:29

Add usage logging and reporting feature unsing a log stream. More information can be found in install.txt for z/OS.

The TIMEUSED macro are used and the CPU, SRB (ZIIP), possible SRB and total time together with the amount of processed bytes are logged.

The feature can be used to determine cost saving for ZIIP, ZEDC and other co-processors.

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