Since 1985, limes datentechnik® gmbh has been successfully producing quality software that simplifies data exchange across platforms and across borders (formatting, converting), secures data archiving and transmitting (encrypting, signature) while reducing storage use (compressing), and, finally, allows accessing data without depending on particular platforms or data formats (access method).


What do we offer?

  • Professional management of compressed and encrypted data including strong access control
  • Secure data storage (archive) and data transfer
  • Protection of data privacy, integrity, and completeness
  • Cutting-edge security technologies for handling of sensitive data being outsourced, securing clouds etc.
  • Meeting safety requirements such as "need-to-know", PCIDSS aso.
  • Easy data exchange across borders, platforms, and formats (with regard to internationalization moves, when migrating, etc.)
  • Saving of time and money through automatization options and reduced resource consumption (CPU, memory, external storage)


How do we achieve it?

  • Converting, compressing, encrypting, and signing of data
  • Reading and writing methods for various data and file formats
  • Transforming data into a neutral internal format (FLAMFILE®) that allows searching and positioning within encrypted and compressed data
  • Storage of data in various formats (file, cluster, VSAM, database)
  • Separating data compression and encryption (client) from data storage (server)
  • Neutral access to individual data records, data elements, or bytes via various APIs
  • Connecting solutions to any cryptographic infrastructure with access control via key-management including periodic or adhoc re-keying
  • Unrestricted extendibility and adaptability through customer-APIs for Cobol/PL1, c/C++ and Java (other programing languages on request)
  • Transparent integration as I/O subsystem, user space file system, ISP, driver or by incorporating as a subroutine
  • Scripting, backup, restart and stream capability for switching to automated operation
  • Programming in ANSI-C and assembler utilizing hardware accelerators and special instructions of the various platforms

What do we stand for?

  • Beside decades of experience with cross-platform and cross-border data exchange, limes datentechnik® stands for protection of your investment and for lasting reliability due to the uncompromising downwards compatibility of its products and the friendly customer care provided as part of its support services.
  • limes datentechnik® not only offers solutions for bulk data handling in the mainframe environment, it also supports all current platforms and systems for migrating and long-term archiving.
  • For more than 25 years limes datentechnik®, located in Bad Homburg, Germany, has been providing resilient, error-free, high-quality software meeting professional standards - guaranteed 'Made in Germany‘.