With FLAM support we are determined to meet our customers' high expectations. When FLAM is implemented as infrastructure, our customers' critical systems often depend on the availability of data that we manage with FLAM. Therefore qualified support is an important aspect. This includes professional problem management that is being handled by our issue tracking system. An additional activity is software maintenance which ensure our support of the newest technologies but for which also downwards compatibility is a major focus.

By means of the issue tracking system our customers can also submit requirements and feature requests that will be synchronized into the framework of our release planning. All this can be tracked by the changelog and the roadmap. Via our twitter channel you can keep automatically updated about important fixes and new releases. An RSS feed informs about the latest issues we are working on. Yet more information can be obtained by FTP and HTTP download.

One more remark based on yearlong experience:

Beside privacy, FLAM also protects data integrity and completeness. For that reason, FLAM often detects transmission or storage errors for which FLAM is not responsible. This causes, on one hand, unnecessary support efforts that we provide as part of our support service. It helps, on the other hand, finding bugs on other places and removing them. That has already averted great damage and many a customer has meanwhile been using FLAM for exactly this reason.