Report an Issue

Please use our issue tracking system for submitting requirements, feature requests, or error and bug reports for FLAM:

FLAM issue tracker

We a using the application MantisBT as issue tracker. Find more information about this under the following link:


In case of emergency you can alternatively use the following e-mail address:


The details listed below are required when reporting problems:

Version of FLAM or of component used

FLAM command (COMP, DECO, CONV, ...)

Error messages and errortrace of FLAM

List of all changes of the system environment made prior to the occurrence of the problem

From admin PC, host console etc: the entire information displayed on the monitor when the problem occurs

Serial numbers, version numbers, and other characteristics of the respective hardware or software (e.g. processor architecture and operating system of sending and receiving system)

Date and time error occurred

Graveness and priority of error

Description of the situation at which the error occurred

Error description, reproducibility

Description of hardware and software environment including location

Customer's contact person including phone number

Name and phone of operator that noticed the error


Depending on the error type, further information may reduce the effort for analyzing and correcting the error. Such information could be, for example:

Link list of FLAM modules

Trace listings of FLAM components

Configuration data set for FLAM

Dumps, logs, etc.