The download area is subdivided into Documents, Repositories, Software and Addons. From Documentation, you can download all manuals and specifications for our products.

The Repositories contain links to our public GitHub area where you can view, download, and clone all Open Source projects we used and partially modified. By this, we fulfil our publication duties as demanded by various Open Source licenses. For example, we added various EBCDIC codepages to libiconv for our customers. Furthermore, with CLE/P we contribute a project of our own that is made available to anyone as Open Source.

The Software section contains limited versions of FLAM5 for all platforms that reflect the current state of development. This allows testing the newest features, provided the volume of the data and the number of users remain small.

The Addons are useful technical aids for our software products. For example, you can download the code tables for character conversion with FLAM version 4 or older.