Java Byte Interface (Download)

The Java Byte Interface enables you to use the FLAM Byte Interface in any Java application. The Java Byte Interface consists of a JNI DLL and corresponding Java classes. Implementations of the InputStream and OutputStream interfaces are also available. Additionally, FLAM must be installed in order to use it.

The JavaDoc documentation explains how to set the Java Byte Interface up correctly, so that it can be used with success. Therefore, we recommend reading it before first use.

FLAM4 Translation Tables (Download)

Character conversion upto version 4 on z/OS and other mainframes (BS2000/VSE...) requires specific load modules or respective tables for each conversion type on other platforms. Conversion is limited to single byte codepages, i.e. conversion from ASCII to EBCDIC and EBCDIC to ASCII. For Unicode support (UTF-8/16/32), FLAM5 is required.

We provide pre-compiled load modules and the respective assembler sources for the most common conversions between ASCII and EBCDIC for z/OS for download. The assembler sources can be used on other mainframe platforms (BS2000/VSE) as well. For Windows and Unix, we provide the corresponding code tables. The code tables for Unix can also be used on Windows. Due to the Unix tables defining the direction of conversion (ASCII->EBCDIC / EBCDIC->ASCII), the direction does not need to be set via the TRANSLATE parameter. Unlike the Unix tables, the files specific for Windows contain both tables and thus the TRANSLATE parameter ("a/e" or "e/a") defines which of them is used.

Naming convention of the downloads:

  • <platform> - The platform running FLAM4
  • <os> - The operating system running FLAM4
  • <scheme> - Source encoding scheme (ASCII or EBCDIC)
  • <from_code> - Source encoding string
  • <to_code> - Destination encoding string
  • <format> - asm or xmit for z/OS
  • <Tmfffttt.ext>
    • T - Translate
    • m - Mode for non-convertible characters
      • B - Blank (Substitution by space character)
      • O - 1-to-1 (Keep character)
      • S - Substitute (0x1A/0x3F)
      • I - Inverse (Lossless conversion)
    • fff/ttt - Abbreviation of the From-/To-Encoding
      • Cnn - CP1250 to CP1259 (Windows ASCII, CP1252=C52)
      • Inn - ISO-8859-yy (ISO ASCII, ISO-8859-13=I13)
      • nnn - IBM EBCDIC (IBM1141=141, IBM1047=047, IBM0273=273)

Usage of the translation tables is described in the respective manual. Further information about installing and using a table can be found in the download area in a readme.txt specific to each platform.

If you cannot find your desired translation table in the download area, do not hesitate to contact us, for example through our contact form.