Here we provide all FLAM5 components for download. If you did not purchase a license, then only a demo license will be available to you. This demo license explicitly prohibits using FLAM5 components in a production environment or for commercial purposes. The most recent release version of the FLAM5 infrastructure is available for download. Use with a demo license is at your own risk and limes datentechnik gmbh does not assume liability for any possible damages. Any suggestions, errors, or problems can be reported via our issue tracking system.

The demo version is fully functional. So all FLAM features can be tested. However, file sizes and the number of simultaneous users are limited. When data size exceeds 1 MB or the number of simultaneous users of the FLIES server exceeds 3, FLAM will respond with a license error. For a Proof of Concept (POC) with no data size and user number restriction follow the link Evaluation to ask for a time-limited trial version. The trial version has no size limitations and constitutes a stable release with full support. Product warranty, however, requires registration.

The download area includes a file, „install.txt“, for each supported platform and the respective installation packages (TAR, RPM, DEB, MSI, XMIT, ...). After installation, two files, "readme.txt", containing the most important infos, and "license.txt", containing the license terms and conditions, are stored in the installation directory. The most current documentation is installed as well and could be different from the public version in the download area.

We also provide Linux repositories for the most common package managers (RPM, APT, PACMAN, ...), so that a manual install is not necessary. On purchase of a license, the demo license will be upgraded to a full version license that does not have the limitations of the demo license. You can continue to use already installed software packages. The commercial license is only an update to these packages.

FLAM5 Download


FLAM5 Linux repository

Link, install.txt

FLAM5 Changelog