FLAM5 is available for download below. New versions are generally supported for 13 months and are available for download for at least this period. If you encounter problems, please make sure you are using a current version.

The documentation is part of the installation, but can also be viewed online here (latest version only).

If you have not purchased a license, a demo license is active. With the demo license, all functions are available, but files larger than 1 MiB cannot be processed.  The FLIES server is limited to 3 simultaneous users. Using the demo license is at your own risk.

If you wish to evaluate FLAM with larger amounts of data and any number of users, you can apply for a temporary test license on the Evaluation page. A test license includes full support. If you decide to purchase a license, no re-installation is necessary.

For supported platforms, appropriate packages and a file "install.txt" containing installation instructions are available. For some Linux distributions, we offer repositories so that the respective package manager can be used for installation. After installation, the file "readme.txt" with a list of changes and a "license.txt" with the license terms are located in the installation directory.

FLAM5 Download


FLAM5 Linux repository

Link, install.txt

FLAM5 Changelog