The FLIES® server receives compressed and encrypted  segments over the network (IP, MQ, …), redirects them to another FLIES® server, or stores them locally as an endnode in a FLAMARCHIVE (file, database, VSAM). The form and the location of storage can be determined via the FLAM client. The FLAM client can also request segments from the server or have segments searched for. Hence, the FLIES server is a most elegant way to use a FLAMARCHIVE since it lets you use our access method across the network.
When a request from a FLUC client is submitted the server does not call FLAM segment management for managing the archives, it rather unpacks the segments through the FLAM kernel and right away invokes writing the original data.


The FLIES server (just as the FLAM-Client) supports various communications protocols. Currently available is the so-called IP-native implementation. It requires any network link capable of IPv4 or IPv6.

In the future we are planning to support the following variants:
  • IP-Secure (SSL/TLS-connection) 
  • MQ-Series
  • SSH (RFC415x)

The latter 3 features are still under development as part of the new FL5 infrastructure. If you would like more information - please do not hesitate to call us.