FLIES Utility

The FLIES utility allows to exploit the capabilities of the FLIES subprogram as a batch program by an easy-to-use command line or in the respective script languages/shells (BAT, BASH, PERL, JCL, …) of the various platforms. It represents the respective platform-dependent implementation of FLIES for processing complete files or streams in the form of a command parser needed for automating processes. This tool is used primarily for managing FLAM archives. FLIES is available as of version 5 and can be called by many commands (CHNG, FIND, COPY, ...) of the FLCL (Frankenstein-Limes Command Line).



  • Periodic or ad-hoc re-keying without accessing plain data (fundamental requirement with many security standards)
  • Re-keying for allowing requestors to access the data (permission granting)
  • Suche in den komprimierten und verschlüsselten Daten sowie Bereitstellung von weiterhin komprimierten und verschlüsselten Ergebnismengen Searches within compressed and encrypted data and result sets returned still compressed and encrypted
  • Management (Move, Copy, Delete, …) of compressed and encrypted data
  • Simple and fast integration of complex batch processes for maximum automation


The product

  • Easy-to-use and intelligent command line with interactive help, configuration and property management
  • Provides via FLCL many commands for managing compressed and encrypted archives
  • Automated key management via owner-ID and key test patterns
  • Uses re-keying function (CHNG) of FKME
  • Manages contents of FLAM archives down to segment level
  • New FLAM archives can be composed by copying segments
  • Allows searching (FIND) via positioning information and hashcodes
  • Available for a wide range of platforms: AIX, HP-UX, Oracle Solaris, Linux, z/OS, Windows, VSE, BS2000, ….


This feature is still under development as part of the new FL5 infrastructure. If you would like more information - please do not hesitate to call us.