FLCC  Frankenstein-Limes Control Center

The Frankenstein-Limes Control Center is a Qt-based user interface offering different perspectives/views.

In a first step it was planned to implement the so-called GUI Commander. It will assist in building command lines and property files via a user interface. That will display manpages and helptexts for each command and parameter, so in fact it will constitute an interactive user manual.

The second step will be a classic data management view (GUI Explorer) which will support drag & drop for file conversion (FLUC), compressing and decompressing (FLAM), and adminstration of compressing and encrypted FLAM archives (FLIES).

FLCC is the graphic counterpart of FLCL, so it also provides the functionalities of the subprograms FLUC, FLAM, and FLIES. Due to the network-capabilities of FLAM it will be possible, for example, that you read at your workstation a UTF-16-encoded GZIP-file on a UNIX server and enter correctly the text records into a VB or FB file or a FLAMFILE on a host computer with or without ASA/machine control characters.