FLCL  Frankenstein-Limes Command Line

The Frankenstein-Limes Command Line (FLCL) is a cross-platform uniform command line that accepts various commands providing the functionalities of the subprograms FLUC, FLAM, and FLIES within the framework of the FL5 infrastructure. It uses the CLE/P oor supporting several built-in functions beside the commands (CONV, COMP, DECO, CHNG, FIND, ...). These functions do the following actions:

  • SYNTAX - Provides the syntax for each command
  • HELP - Provides quick help for arguments
  • MANPAGE - Provides manual pages (detailed help)
  • GENDOCU - Generates auxiliary documentation
  • GENPROP - Generates a property file
  • SETPROP - Activate a property file
  • DELPROP - Remove a property file from configuration
  • GETPROP - Show current properties
  • SETOWNER - Defines the current owner
  • GETOWNER - Show current owner setting
  • SETENV - Defines environment variables over the config file
  • GETENV - Show the environment variables set over the config file
  • DELENV - Delete environment variables in the config file
  • TRACE - Manage trace capabilities
  • CONFIG - Shows the current configuration settings
  • GRAMMAR - Shows the grammar for commands and properties
  • LEXEM - Shows the regular expressions accepted in a command
  • LICENSE - List license information for the program
  • VERSION - List version information for the program
  • ABOUT - Show information about the program

FLCL therefore presents a comprehensive interactive help for every command. It can generate the whole user manual or parts of it. Via property files, each parameter can be assigned a default value so that it needs not be entered with every command. Parameters can be set either directly or via a parameter file. Differen configurations can be distinguished by OwnerIDs which renders it client-capable. Environment variables can be defined which influence solely the execution of the commands. And, last not least, tracing of the CLP as well as that of commands can be controlled. All these functionalities are available on every platform which is of tremendous value particularly on host systems.

The following image shows the FLCL syntax. This is displayed as a start into the comprehensive help if you enter FLCL without any parameters.


The CLE/P allows building intelligent, simplified, and therefore powerful commands for one and the same subprogram. By means of the FLCL we shall continue adding commands and parameters in order to provide our customers with more and more new features and capabilities.