FLIES Subprogram

The FLIES subprogram utilizes FLAM5's segment management for the administration of compressed and encrypted data. For doing this,  FLAM archives can be searched like normal directories. You can copy, delete, or move units (files, streams, tables). You can compose new FLAMFILEs which may be, for example, results of searches in the compressed and encrypted data. You can also re-key data, either periodically or for a particular access or in an ad-hoc manner, in order to comply with certain security requirements. Another important aspect is migration between FLAMFILEs, clusters and datenbases. FLIES-UP is a platform-independent load module which is linked with applications like, for example, the FLIES utility. It is, therefore, a subprogram providing the full functionality of the FLIES archive administration in one function.


  • FLIES makes FLAM archives manageable by a third party (service provider) without enabling it to access data contents. This allows the implementation of secure clouds, headends, network operators, or external archive systems.
  • Supports all functions and interfaces of the FLIES utility for processing FLAM archives.
  • Executes all write and read accesses to archives (FLAMFILE/CLUSTER/DATENBANK) under its own control
  • Optional generation of a detailed processing and error log
  • Can be linked to applications written in any programming language including JAVA (JNI)
  • Available both as statically bound object code and as a dynamic library


The product

  • Modular architecture utilizing FLAM's segment management for the administration of compressed and encrypted data (FLAM archives)
  • Here an input and an output data structure must be appropriately filled with values
  • Detailed statistical figures, an error trace, and various logs are produced (e.g. with character conversion)
  • Beside return codes, a processing log can be provided as feedback showing processing results
  • Available as 32-bit-code or as 64-bit-code
  • Since the entire FLIES consists of just one function with 9 parameters, integration into an application is very simple


This feature is still under development as part of the new FL5 infrastructure. If you would like more information - please do not hesitate to call us.