Encrypted searching – even online.

Let’s assume a smart card manufacturer who receives a complaint from a credit card issuer. With conventional cryptographically secured archives, finding the error would require decrypting the entier archive – a measure involving great costs and – above all – a high security risk. Not so with FLAM: it can search an encrypted archive until it finds the place in error. Once that is found, only this segment is deciphered. And just that record is passed in plain text to the application that will create a replacement card. This approach also applies even when only parts of the record searched for are known, as with archived entries of payment transactions.

This example illustrates: FLAM is a highly secure external archive with unique retrieval and access functions. Decryption of the data is done only by someone having the respective authorization. No better solution for data archiving can be thought of – including online archiving. As a solution for a Secure Cloud, by means of an implicit data cache FLAM achieves high transfer rates.