Micro Focus Support

FLAM for Micro Focus was a project undertaken as part of one of our customers' migration from a mainframe to a Micro-Focus-equipped environment where legacy applications could continue running. These legacy applications made to a large part use of the FLAM utility, the FLAM record interface, and the subsystem, a fact that required FLAM to behave for assembler, Cobol, and PL1 applications on a x86-system under Micro Focus exactly as on the host computer. That could be done under Linux on x86 with reasonable effort, which enabled continued use of these applications after the migration. Moreover, large parts of the data set was migrated with the FLAM utility so to have them in the format needed for Micro Focus.


These migration projects laid the base for the support of FLAM4 for Micro Focus that our customers can order seperately for our standard platforms. This support includes all Cobol and PL/1 APIs, which allows our customers to develop applications for mainframes under Microfocus EDZ environments.