FLAM Utility

The FLAM utility allows to exploit the capabilities of the FLAM subprogram as a batch program by an easy-to-use command line or in the respective script languages/shells (BAT, BASH, PERL, JCL, …) of the various platforms. It represents the respective platform-dependent implementation of FLAM for processing complete files or streams in the form of a command parser needed for automating processes. This tool is used primarily for data exchange and storage. But it also forms the basis for the FLAM subsystem and all other applications serving the FLAM interfaces for migrating data sets or to render (encrypted compressed) stored data readable again. Up to FLAM version 4 the utility is a self-relying program on  each platform. As of version 5 the FLAM utility can also be invoked by the commands COMP and DECO in the context of the FLCL (Frankenstein-Limes Command Line).



  • Maximum security and efficiency with data storage and transfer on a wide range of platforms
  • Speeding up data transfer and processing by reduced data volumes
  • Saving time and costs through extremely low resource consumption (CPU, memory, disk storage)
  • Integration of user applications and user functions via various interfaces (APIs, I/O, etc.)
  • Data can be exchanged compatibly across many platforms and may be re-formatted and/or re-encoded as needed


 The product

  • High-performance algorithms for lossless compression (ADC) and standard encryption (AES) of files and datastreams
  • Creating and restoring data in a freely adjustable data format and character code
  • Created data are compatible to all supported platforms
  • APIs for easy integration into any application and additional interfaces permitting extension by many user functions (I/O, key management, and many more)
  • Supports on each platform its native file organizations and record formats
  • Available on a wide spectrum of platforms: AIX, HP-UX, Oracle Solaris, Linux, z/OS, Windows, z/OS, VSE, BS2000, …