FLAM StAX-Provider for XML

The FLAM SAX-provider features process-based parsing of units in FLAM archives whose original were XML files. Substituting the service provider (implementation) in the JRE will enable JAVA applications to tranparently access compressed and encrypted XML documents beside normal XML files without the application noticing a difference.

FLAM reads and validates the XML files by its own XML parser and stores the XML elements thus created in the archive and returns them subsequently via the StAX interface one-to-one.

At the same time, our provider can also process plain XML files which allows for a gradual migration of the data sets. This is done by substituting the FLAM provider for the standard one which leaves the use of all XML data sets unchanged. Transforming XML files to FLAMFILEs can then be done step by step.

The benefit of keeping XML files as a FLAMFILE lies with the volume reduction of up to a factor of 10. But not only disk space is saved, also access time is reduced by the same factor. And encrypting also adds to the security of the data. The network-capability of FLAM allows the compressed and encrypted data to be stored anywhere in the network, which enables secure use of clouds or setting up central archives.

This feature is still under development as part of the new FL5 infrastructure. If you would like more information - please do not hesitate to call us.