The FLAM Subprogram

The FLAM subprogram (FLAM-UP) utilizes the FLAM record interface (version 4) or element interface (version 5) to transform heterogeneous original files into a FLAMFILE (archive) or to restore original files in conformance with the formats supported by the target system. For that purpose, original files can be read, converted, and written while ensuring their compatibility across various platforms. The FLAM subprogram, therefore, is an instrument for applications that do platform-independent accesses via the interfaces to externally imported data or which can output "flambéed" files in other formats. FLAM-UP is a platform-independent load module that is linked into applications like, for example the FLAM utility. This subprogram supports the full functionality of FLAM's data management.



  • Supports all functions and interfaces of the FLAM utility for processing files and streams
  • Performs autonomously all read and write accesses including those on original files
  • Optionally generates a detailed processing and error log
  • May be linked with any programming language including JAVA (JNI)
  • Available both as statically linkable object code as well as a sharable library


The product

  • Processes partially qualified file and pathnames (Wildcards) und löst sie selbst auf
  • Optional processing log beside return codes as feedback of processing results
  • Allows exchanging standard I/O functions by user-supplied access functions
  • User-specific processing (exit routines) can be linked between physical I/O access and passing data to respectively accepting data from FLAM
  • Requires no renewed linking of  key management extension after release changes
  • Available as 32-bit-code or as 64-bit-code