Customization Service

With the FLAM Customization Service we are extending our software according to your individual needs. It happens in many projects that proprietary formats, individual interfaces, or legacy applications have to be integrated. With FLAM we are trying to support national as well as international standards. If a problem cannot be solved with FLAM's standard functionality, an individual extension of FLAM can be developed.



  • Easy integration of FLAM into existing environments
  • Maximum optimization and automation of your processes
  • No "show stopper" that we can't turn for you into a solution
  • Cost control through fixed price for a contract for work or as a service contract


The service

  • Development of special features for specific data formats (mix of binary, POV, and text data), transmission procedures, data sources and sinks
  • Development of extensions to existing features (e.g. different character sets)
  • Extension of logging by particular values for billing, statistics, business analytics, and the like
  • Adaptation of behaviour for an optimal process integration and automation


Our added value

  • Rapid and cost-effective implementation due to our component architecture, efficient development environment, and test automation
  • All extensions are immediately available for all platforms supported by FLAM
  • Direct inclusion of lab's know-how into your project