Security Consulting

Investments into hardware cryptography only pay if it can be established how secure the entire system really is and the residual risk can be determined. Without the deployment of hardware cryptography, the main threat to an IT system by electronic means are, beside hackers, insiders. Only when hardware security modules (HSM) and cryptography are applied properly, unnoticed attacks on IT systems and applications in the virtual world can verifiably be ruled out. Only if potential attackers are forced by such security mechanisms to stop their criminal activities in the virtual world entirely hardware security modules (HSM) and cryptography will have achieved their goal as protection means for the virtual world.


  • Discovering hidden security gaps, identifying potential risks, and establishing the security of cryptographic systems
  • Proposals for structural improvements and deployment of technical solutions
  • Enhanced security and sustainable protection for your systems
  • Transfer of experience and knowledge


The service

  • One-day workshop for raising consciousness and introduction to the methology
    • How can a verifiably secure IT system be implemented?
  • Analysis of business processes and data sets by their security needs
    • Determining the systems affected
  • Auditing of the respective systems
    • Discovery of security gaps: risks are learned
  • Studies on how gaps found are eliminated best
    • Staged plan for technical solutions
  • Security and operations concept for the technical deployment
    • Policies for the solutions to be implemented
  • Architecture and design of closed cryptographic systems

Our added value

  • More than 10 years of experience with successful deployment of encryption technologies and hardware security modules (HSM)
  • We view cryptography as a uniform infrastructure with a central key management as the permission granting authority in the middle. By this approach we effect that all security-critical processes can remain encapsulated within this infrastructure and subected to central control
  • Our products, solutions, and partnerships reflect this core compentency